Montclair Invisalign

December 28, 2016

Invisalign Braces in Montclair

Montclair Invisalign

Are you seeking a solution for your malocclusion? Do you want a straight-toothed smile without the pain and appearance of metal braces? At Montclair South Dental, we have a solution for you! Give us a call today and ask one of our trained specialists about Montclair Invisalign, a revolutionary new orthodontic option that works with patients of all careers and lifestyles.

At Montclair South Dental, our friendly and skilled staff is proud to offer dental and orthodontic solutions to our fellow members of the Montclair community and beyond. We prioritize our patients’ oral health over all else; that’s why we use state-of-the-art techniques at the cutting edge of our field and technologically advanced equipment to ensure that we provide top tier oral care in an environment that is respectful and welcoming to patients of all ages. We offer a wide array of services including cosmetic bonding, cosmetic gum surgery, crowns and bridgework, dental implants, inlays and onlays, orthodontic treatment, porcelain veneers, removable dentures, teeth whitening, tooth-colored filings, tooth contouring and reshaping, oral cancer screenings, periodontal disease therapy, professional teeth cleanings, root canal treatment, sealants, TMJ and TMD treatment, and tooth extractions. Perhaps one of our most sought-after services is our Invisalign braces treatment, an orthodontic solution for malocclusion that involves discreet, see-through plastic aligners instead of metal braces and wires. Montclair Invisalign treatment involves a patient wearing a series of plastic molds over their teeth that are custom-made for their mouth using 3D imaging technology. Because the aligners are removeable, Invisalign allows wearers to eat without worrying about food getting caught in metal braces. Wearers can also remove the aligners to clean their teeth normally in the morning and before bed. Their discreet appearance makes them a more graceful option for adults who don’t want to wear orthodontic appliances associated with childhood.

Are you curious whether you might be a good candidate for Montclair Invisalign? Give us a call at Montclair South Dental to learn more!

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