Dental Implants in Montclair NJ

February 20, 2017

Dental Implants in Montclair NJ

Dental Implants in Montclair NJ

Do you have one or more teeth that have been lost and you are in need of replacements? If so, there are options available. And here at Montclair South Dental, we're pleased to offer the most advanced method available for full-tooth restoration. The benefits of dental implants are impressive, and not duplicated with other methods.

What makes our dental implants in Montclair NJ so superior to bridges and dentures? Unlike those traditional restorations, an implant is constructed to mimic the look and function of a real tooth. It has a root underneath, providing a solid foundation that preserves your vital gum and bone tissue and keeps your normal facial contours intact. You see, bridges and dentures are just surface solutions. And our dental implants in Montclair NJ are designed to feel like any of your other teeth; so much so, you may eventually forget which is the implant as it blends so seamlessly in every way with your full set of teeth. The process of getting one is straightforward. First, you will come to our office for an exam and consultation to determine if you're well-suited to having an implant. The most important requirement is that your jaw bone needs to be strong and thick, so that it can hold the post (the root replacement) dependably. If not, bone grafting can be done to correct it. The procedure is done in two basic steps. First, the post, made from titanium, is surgically placed in your jaw. There is then a waiting period of several months,during which your jaw bone grows around the post and fuses with it. Then, the tooth portion is placed on top and cemented to the post. That's all there is to it.

With proper care, our dental implants in Montclair NJ can last you a lifetime. You can speak, laugh, and chew with complete confidence. Why not contact our office and schedule an appointment to come in and get started?

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