Montclair Teeth Whitening

June 15, 2017

Dental Whitening in Montclair

Montclair Teeth Whitening

Have you long wanted to have a whiter and more beautiful smile? If this is the case, there is no need to wait any longer. All you need to do is to come in to see us at Montclair South Dental where you can receive excellent Montclair teeth whitening.

When you come to our dental practice, you will be seen by our top-notch general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Fara Azar. She can provide you with the beautiful smile you have long wanted, which may include having a whiter and brighter smile. At our dental practice, we offer two different types of teeth whitening; we offer in-office teeth whitening or a take-home teeth whitening kit. Our in-office tooth whitening can whiten your teeth anywhere between 3 to 8 shades lighter in a single hour. Some of our patients prefer to use our take-home kit which will allow them to whiten their teeth in the comfort and privacy of their own home. This tooth whitening system will take a bit longer, but we know that you will be very impressed with these results, as well. It is important that you see our dentist for an oral exam before you begin the tooth whitening process to make sure that the tooth discoloration that you have is not the result of a dental condition which will need to have dental treatment in order to get better. Our dentist will also want to make sure that your teeth color will be uniform after you have had your Montclair teeth whitening; if you have tooth-colored fillings or dental restorations on front teeth, these may need to be updated after the tooth whitening is complete since tooth coloring solutions do not affect man-made dental restorations.

For an appointment to meet with our dentist regarding getting Montclair teeth whitening, simply contact our office. If you have wanted to have a whiter and brighter smile for some time now, do not hesitate to make this phone call today.

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