Teeth Whitening in Montclair NJ

August 15, 2017

Common Causes of Teeth Stains in Montclair NJ

Teeth Whitening in Montclair NJ

If you want to greatly improve the appearance of your smile and a cost-effective manner, you can have your teeth whitened at our dental practice, Montclair South Dental. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Fara Azar, will also give you information about how to keep your teeth looking as attractive and as white as possible after your teeth whitening in Montclair NJ.

There are many different types of foods and drinks which are known to cause teeth staining. After you have your teeth whitened at our office, you will want to make sure that you avoid these foods as best as possible so that you do not hurt the beautiful effects of your teeth whitening in Montclair NJ. Of course, you cannot be expected to not enjoy your favorite foods and drinks again, but you will find it helpful to know which foods are particularly problematic in terms of keeping your smile bright. If you are a tea and coffee drinker, you will want to keep this to a minimum. However, if you are coffee drinker, the news is good. Tea is much more damaging to the whiteness of your smile then coffee is. You will also want to avoid drinking wines, whether they are red or white. The components of the wines will contribute to teeth discoloration. You will also want to avoid drinking colas as well as brightly-colored sports drinks. You also will not want to eat brightly-colored candies. Although berries are extremely delicious and good for our health, you should be aware that raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, all are great contributors to teeth staining. If you are looking for another excellent reason to stop smoking, cigarette smoking is a leading contributor to tooth discoloration.

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