Cosmetic Dentistry Montclair

July 19, 2018

Cosmetic Gum Surgery in Montclair

Cosmetic Dentistry Montclair

There are two reasons you might have gum surgery. One is to correct an issue related to your oral health, such as when advanced gum disease has occurred. The other is cosmetic. Your gums serve a vital role in the look of your smile. It's not just your teeth that people see when you open your mouth. And here at Montclair South Dental, you can have a safe, effective procedure to correct various concerns you might have regarding how your smile appears.

Gummy smiles occur when there is an overabundance of gum tissue; more than you would like to have. It covers too much of your teeth, which in turn is why your smile appears to be mostly, if not all, gums. Some others have the exact opposite problem and seek out our cosmetic dentistry Montclair to deal with it, which is that their gums have receded. If that happens to you, your teeth look huge. Of course in either instance, it's all an optical illusion in the sense that your teeth have neither grown or shrunk. It all has to do with the amount of gum tissue that you have and the amount that is visible and covering your teeth. There is one other common problem that our cosmetic dentistry Montclair is proud to address for you, and that is an uneven gum line. When that happens, some teeth are covered by too much gum tissue, while others have too little. Regarding all of the above, we would like to assure you that the solution is a procedure that is highly successful. You're in the hands of a periodontal surgeon who is skilled and experienced at making the necessary corrections.

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