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September 24, 2018

Teeth Whitening in Montclair

Is your smile stained? If so, you're certainly not alone. This is a common problem and one that we at Montclair South make it easy for you to remedy. Get impressive results quickly with our professional whitening treatment.

Personal habits play a large role in the changes to your tooth color. Smoking is undoubtedly the biggest reason for it, though when you vape it's no better as far as your teeth are concerned. Yellow and even brown can be expected, particularly with heavy usage. There are very few people who don't start off the day with either coffee or tea. And both of them are major reasons for needing our Montclair teeth whitening. Red wine and cola are also known teeth staining items, as well as berries, curry, soy sauce, and hard candy. And those are just the most common ones. Did you know that your teeth can become stained due to the effects of tetracycline, a popular prescription drug? It's true. And even without any outside interference, your tooth enamel slowly wears away with age. And that lets the dentin beneath show through. It's duller tissue, so there is a natural and unavoidable loss of brightness that our Montclair teeth whitening can help with. Sometimes, the reason can be traced back to childhood. Over-fluoridation in those early years can lead to a condition called fluorosis. Unlike products you can buy off your store shelf, the whitening you get from our office is 100% safe. Those over-the-counter options may contain abrasive ingredients, but ours does not. If you maintain the effects well, they can last for as long as five years.

To schedule an appointment to come in and take advantage of our Montclair teeth whitening, simply reach out to our office right now. Don't live with a stained smile any longer than absolutely necessary.

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