TMJ Treatment 07042

February 20, 2018

TMJ treatments in 07042

TMJ treatment 07042

TMJ disorder (or TMD) is a common reason for chronic jaw pain, and requires expert attention. Here at Montclair South Dental, we're pleased to offer treatments for this frustrating and uncomfortable problem.

The temperomandibular joint (typically shortened to simply TMJ) is the one that connects your lower jaw to the temporal bone in your skull. It is used frequently for a variety of reasons on a daily basis. Every time you speak, chew, or even yawn, for example, you are putting the TMJ into service. So it's easy to understand how much discomfort is in store when there is a problem with that joint. Some of the specific symptoms that may point the way to your needing our TMJ treatment 07042 include general facial pain, even up around your ears, clicking sounds in your jaws, and soreness in your jaw. Do not hesitate to seek our help. It is not very likely that the condition will resolve on its own. Why does TMJ disorder occur to begin with? It is not always easy to pinpoint exactly, but reasons can include the effects of arthritis, disk erosion, or the results of an accident or injury that affected your jaws. Less important than why it happened is what is going to be done about it. Our TMJ treatment 07042 can include one or more approaches. Each person is going to require treatment that is individualized, so your needs will be different than someone else's. Our dentist will evaluate your condition and make the appropriate recommendation. Among the possibilities are lifestyle adjustments like eating softer foods for a while, gentle stretching exercises, orthodontic treatment, and even surgery, though that is usually only in the most extreme cases; ones that do not respond to less invasive methods.

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