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March 13, 2019

Montclair South Dental is a Montclair TMJ dentist that helps patients find the relief they need. TMJ treatments are used to alleviate the symptoms. Oral appliances are a popular way to help treat TMJ. Also called night guards, these plastic guards fit over both the upper and lower teeth.
TMJ is a disorder of the jaw that can affect the jaw and the way people chew, causing headaches, pain and discomfort. Night guards allow the patient to feel relief without the need for surgical intervention. Symptoms of TMJ may include jaw pain, stiffness in the jaw, lock jaw, or clicking and popping. Self-care can be administered at home in between appointments with our Montclair TMJ dentist. Applying ice packs and using pain medication can help ease symptoms of TMJ. TMJ is a common condition that affects many people, although many people do not realize there are treatments that can help ease the pain and suffering.

Some patients may grind their teeth at night, which can result in pain around the face, jaw, neck, shoulder or ear. Stress and arthritis, injury or whiplash can also cause TMJ. Our Montclair TMJ dentist may treat TMJ with non-invasive methods first before resorting to surgery, which includes balancing the biting surfaces of teeth. We also specialize in other forms of dentistry such as cosmetic, general and restorative and a wide range of procedures such as fillings, cleanings, and root canal treatment. Call us for your regular dental issues like cavities and root canals. If your tooth begins to hurt and become sensitive to hot and cold sensations, you may have a cavity. We fill cavities using a safe, easy to apply composite filling on teeth. Our offices are relaxing and we’ll have you in and out as soon as possible.

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