VELscope Cancer Screening in Montclair

The most important thing about oral cancer is to be aware.

Although oral cancer remains one of the ten most frequently occurring cancers worldwide, recent advances in research, prevention, detection, and treatment, have enabled more and more people to experience positive outcomes of care. As a matter of fact, when oral cancer gets detected in its earliest stages, the survival rate exceeds 80%.

The VELscope advantage

A VELscope® oral cancer screening offers our professional team a simple, painless, and thorough way to check for tissue abnormalities that may indicate the presence of oral cancer or premalignant dysplasia.

While a visual inspection and palpation offer valuable information on tissue health and the presence of disease, today, VELscope technology enables us to detect and visualize suspicious lesions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Enhancing and improving the oral cancer screening process

Designed as a convenient and portable handheld device, VELscope is extremely sensitive to any abnormal changes in the natural tissue fluorescence of the oral mucosa. More simply put, the bright blue light of the VELscope device can distinguish healthy soft tissue inside the mouth from soft tissue that has undergone pathological changes. With an ability to identify, evaluate and monitor abnormal soft tissue changes that might otherwise remain undetected, VELscope offers a valuable adjunct to the oral cancer screening process.

Leading-edge technology and care you can trust

At the office of Montclair South Dental, we provide high-quality, whole-patient, and integrated care to support beautiful smiles, excellent oral health, and overall wellness.

As part of a patient’s checkup and dental hygiene visit, we perform routine oral cancer screenings, complemented by a VELscope examination to check for any questionable tissue changes that might be indicative of oral cancer or other harmful conditions. We also teach patients about the signs and symptoms of oral cancer and what to keep an eye out for at home.

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