Richard Song, DDS

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Meet Dr. Richard Song, the board-certified orthodontist who's on a mission to transform your smile! With a passion for creating beautiful and healthy smiles, Dr. Song completed his undergraduate studies at NYU before earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of California, Los Angeles. But that wasn't enough for Dr. Song - he knew he wanted to specialize in orthodontics, so he returned to NYU for a rigorous residency program. Now armed with advanced training in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of malocclusions, Dr. Song is ready to work his magic on your smile!

As an orthodontist, Dr. Song is all about personalized care. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and develops customized treatment plans that are tailored to your unique needs. His goal? TO ensure that you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve!

When he's not creating stunning smiles, Dr. Song can be found indulging in his favorite hobbies. He's a die-hard basketball fan and can often be found shooting hoops with his buddies. He's also an avid golfer, a video game enthusiast, and a loves spending time with his friends, family, and furry friends - he's the go-to dog sitter for all his neighbors! so come meet Dr. Song, the orthodontist with a passion for fun, personalized care, and transforming your smile into a work of art!

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